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A friend introduced me to Young Living oils when I was going through heavy metal mercury chelation therapy.  My immune system was compromised and these oils helped many times. I started with a few, I learned how to use them, and I use them in my sessions. They are amazing.  I’ve used other brands and come back to Young Living. The quality is phenomenal.  Many brands heat, have pesticides or additives. Your health is worth using the best!

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Lavender is a great starter oil.
Thieves is an all around wonder oil.
Orange Oil – studies show great immune strenghtening – wonderful  every day oil.

Order an oil and see the difference in your life or call me to discuss what these oils can do for you. 704-448-3137

Top Oil Blends                                                          Back to School oils
Oils for Fishing                                                         Diffuser blends
Change is in the air!                                              Well Being
Immune Support                                                     For your Dog
Great for Runners                                                  
Safe Toothpaste for Gum Health                   How to Use Oils


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